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Panini Football 2008 - Belgium

The album Panini Football 2008 celebrates the 35 years of Panini albums dedicated to the Belgian League (the first album is dated 1972/1973). For this occasion, the album includes 35 stickers with legendary players appeared on previous Panini Belgium album. Among these stickers, which are displayed over 5 pages, we find Michel Preud'homme, Enzo Scifo and Marc Wilmots. 

After this introduction, the 18 teams of Belgian Premier League (Division I) are showed in alphabetical order. Each team has 21 stickers over 2 pages: 1 shining club badge, 1 coach, 17 players, and 2 stickers for the team photo.

The best team of the season was Standard Liège. They included very talented young guys that are now well-known players: Fellaini, Dufour, Witsel, and the Brazilian Dante.

Dante and Defour



Division II includes 19 teams and for each team there are four stickers: a shiny club badge, the coach and two stickers with double players (total of 4 players per team)

The Women's League is also included in the albums: 14 teams with four stickers each. Here we find a shiny club badge, the coach, a sticker with two players and the team photo.

Album details
Full name: Football 2008
Publisher: Panini
League: Belgian League (Division I, Division II, Women's League)
Number of teams: 18 for Division I
                              19 for Division II
                              14 for Women's League
Stickers per team: 21 for Division I
                              4 for Division II
                              4 for Women's League
Special sections: 35 stickers of "35 years of Panini Belgium"

Total number of stickers: 545

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