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Panini Brasileiro 2014

The new collection Panini Brasileiro is out!

Album cover

Just yesterday Panini Brazil released its traditional Brasileiro collection  for the current season 2014. First pictures can be found on the facebook page (Torcida Panini) and on mercadolivre. 

The album starts with two introductory stickers (sticker 0 and sticker 00), then there are 36 shining stickers of the best player of the Brazilian League (A1 to A24 and B1 to B12). Serie A teams have 16 stickers each: club badge (shining), mascot (shining), and 14 players. Serie B teams have 8 stickers: club badge (shining), mascot (shining) and 6 stickers with double players (two players per sticker for a total of 12 players). The album has a total of 518 stickers out of which 118 are special shining stickers.

It is expected also a hardcover version of the album as it has been in the last three years. Moreover, Panini will launch an application (Panini App Collectors) for smartphones and tablets to help the collector organizing and controlling missing and double stickers.

The sealed packets of Brasileiro 2014

An interesting video on youtube shows stickers and album:

Album details:
Full name: Brasileiro 2014
Publisher: Panini
Album size: 235 x 300 mm
League: Brazilian Serie A and Serie B
Number of teams: 20 Serie A teams
                             20 Serie B teams
Stickers per team: 16 for Serie A teams
                                8 for Serie B teams
Special sections: -Introductory stickers (0 and 00)
                           -"Eu vim aqui so pra te ver" (A1 to A24)
                           -"Craques do Brasileirao" (B1 to B12)

Total number of stickers: 518

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  1. If you want to see the album, watch the video:

    1. Nice video, thanks for your contribution!