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Calciatori Panini 2011-2012

Panini Calciatori 2011-2012


This album is the 50th chapter of the saga that started in 1961-1962 with the first Panini album dedicated to the Italian football league.
All the football is included from the main division (Serie A) to the amateur league and the Women League.
Each Serie A team is distributed on four pages, with a total of 30 stickers: the team logo (1 sticker), squad (2 stickers), the coach and 26 players, out of which 6 are the updates of the winter transfers. On each player sticker we have details as birth date and place, and palmares.
Each Serie B team is on 1 page: team logo, squad and 18 players (3 players per sticker). For the Lega Pro 1st division we have stickers of the squad and logo, whereas for the Lega Pro 2nd division only the team logo.
There are special sections: one dedicated to the referees, one to the best players of the previous season (Calciatori Plus) and one to the best actions of the beginning of the season (Calciatori Show).
Extra stickers, which could be found in newspapers at half way and at the end of the season, compose the movie of the season (Film del campionato), celebrating best players and winning team.

Album Details
Name:Calciatori 2011-2012
Editor: Panini
League: Italian League (Serie A, Serie B, Lega Pro I, Lega Pro II, Serie A Femminile) 
Number of Teams: 20 Serie A + 22 Serie B
Stickers per Team: Serie A 24 (logo, team (x2), coach, players (x20))
                              Serie B 7.5 (logo(0.5), team, players(x6))
Special stickers: Calciatori Show (20 stickers), Referees (17 stickers), Calciatori plus (16 stickers)
Extra stickers: Film del campionato (16 stickers) and transfers update (6x20=120 stickers)

Remarkable Stickers

Jovetic (Fiorentina), Milito, Sneijder (Inter), Pirlo, Del Piero (Juventus), Klose (Lazio), Thiago Silva, Ibrahimovic (Milan), Cavani, Lavezzi (Napoli), Crespo , Giovinco (Parma), Totti, Lamela (Roma), Destro (Siena), Di Natale (Udinese), Obiang (Sampdoria)

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