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Bundesliga Panini 2008-2009


 This is a great and very rich album of the German Bundesliga year 2008-2009. It is edited by Panini and it contains almost 500 stickers. In the silver cover we find four players (among them Luca Toni) and the logos of all the teams.
When we open the album we have an introductory page with 5 stickers: the bundesliga logo, the Meister cup, Luca Toni (with the prize as best player of the previous season) and the full Bayern Munchen team (2 stickers), winner of the Meister 2008.
Then the 18 Bundesliga team are presented. There are six pages for each team. In the first two pages we have 6 stickers: the team logo, a huge team photo composed by 4 stickers and the mascotte of the team. Plus we find details, shirts and statistics of the team. The players stickers are 19 and disposed on three pages. In the last page we find the stadium (2 stickers) and a large map with the competition calendar of the season.
The last part of the album is dedicated to the winner of the Pokal 2008 (Bayern Munchen), with 5 stickers.

Album Details
Name: Bundesliga Fussball 08/09
Editor: Panini
League: German Bundesliga 
Number of Teams: 18
Stickers per Team: 27 (logo, team(x4), mascotte, stadium(x2) and 19 players)
Special stickers: Bundesliga logo, Meister cup, Best Player 2008, Winner Meister 2008 (2 stickers), Winner Pokal 2008 (5 stickers)
Total number of stickers: 496
Extra stickers: No
Remarkable Stickers

Ozil and Diego (Werder Bremen), Hummels and Sahin (Borussia D.), J.Boateng and Kompany (Hamburg), Vidal (Leverkusen), Lucio, Ribery, Schweinsteiger and Luca Toni (Bayern Monaco), Mario Gomez (Stuttgart), Dzeko (Wolfsburg)

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