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Topps Bundesliga 2011

Topps Bundesliga 2011

This album produced by Topps is dedicated to the German Bundesliga. One characteristic of Topps is that includes also big stickers (one per package) for logos, teams and special players. In the first page of the album there are 3 stickers: the Bundesliga logo, the Meister and the ball used in the competition.

Each team is distributed on four pages with a total of 21 stickers: on the first page we have the logo, team and star player stickers. Then we have 6 players per page for a total of 18 players: each sticker is enriched by the signature of the player.

Special sections of the album are dedicated to the Team uniforms (18 big stickers) and the Rookies (one player per each Bundesliga team), plus 5 stickers "Tricks with Diego", which present some special actions and movements of the Brazilian Wolfsburg midfielder Diego.

Album Details
Name: Fussball Bundesliga
Editor: Topps
League: German League (Bundesliga) 
Number of Teams: 18 
Stickers per Team: 21 (logo, team, star player, 18 players)
Special stickers: Bundesliga logo (x1), ball (x1), meister (x1), sky commentator (x1), Rookies (x18), Uniforms (x18), Tricks with Diego (x5)
Extra stickers: No

Remarkable Stickers

Kagawa, Lewandowski, Goetze (Borussia Dortmund), van Nistelrooy (Hamburg), Podolski (Koln), Vidal (Leverkusen), Reus (Moenchengladbach), Robben, Ribery, Muller (Bayern Munchen), Raul, Huntelaar (Schalke), Barzagli, Diego (Wolfsburg).

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