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Panini Barcelona Sporting Club 2016 (Ecuador)

In 2016 Panini released an official sticker collection of Barcelona Sporting Club of Ecuador. The album includes the squad of the season 2016 and other sections about the club. 
After the table of contents and the foreword, there is an introductory section of the club, with club logos (2 shining stickers), mottos (4 normal stickers and 2 shining), and the stadium (a puzzle of 4 stickers).

The album continues with a gallery of the Barcelona teams that won the Serie A title in the past. Here we find 14 team photo stickers of the winners and 14 shining stickers of the corresponding t-shirts.

"Galeria de Chilenas" is a particolar section which includes four stickers of acrobatic goals in the history of the club. "Galeria Noche Amarilla 2016" shows 14 stickers of pictures captured during a special celebratory night organized by the club.

The squad section starts with a team photo puzzle composed by 6 stickers. Then the staff is included (6 stickers) and each player has two stickers (profile and in action).

The top 10 best scorers of the club are included with 10 special metallic stickers in the middle of the squad section.

The album continues with a gallery of "goleadas" (wins with a large goal difference) and club legends. The album concludes with a page dedicated to the supporters (Fiesta Monumental) and two pages for the sponsors (12 shining stickers).

Back cover of the album

The three youngest players of the squad: Erreyes (1997), Aleman (1996) and Lino (1997)

Album details
Full name: Barcelona Sporting Club - Album oficial de cromos
Publisher: Panini
Country: Ecuador
Year: 2016
Sections of the album:
      -Galeria Institucional (12 stickers)
      -Galeria de campeonatos (14 stickers)
      -Galeria de camisetas de oro (14 stickers)
      -Galeria de chilenas (4 stickers)
      -Galeria noche amarilla (12 stickers)
      -Plantilla 2016 (72 stickers)
      -Top 10 goleadores (10 stickers)
      -Galeria de goleadas (36 stickers)
      -Galeria de leyendas (48 stickers)
      -Fiesta monumental (6 stickers)
      -Sponsors (12 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 240

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