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Panini Fussball 89

Panini published the official collection of the German league for 30 years, from 1979 to 2009. We present here Fussball 89, the album of the season 1988-89. In the introductory page of the album there are the first two metallic stickers: the Federation logo and the trophy of the competition. Then the 18 Bundesliga teams are shown in alphabetical order. Each club is on two pages with a total of 18 stickers: the team photo (2 stickers) and 16 players. The club badges of the Bundesliga teams are on a separate poster.

The two introductory stickers 

The second part of the album includes some funny sections. We start with "the stars of tomorrow" (Die Stars von morgen), which has 10 stickers of children playing football, and "the stars of today" (von heute), with 8 stickers of famous German players playing abroad (including Andy Brehme and Lothar Mattheus with Inter shirt). We proceed with 19 stickers of fairplay, fans, and flags on two pages. These are general stickers about football. Then we go off topic with two sections dedicated to two crazy sports mixing engines and football: Autoball (8 stickers on one page) and Motoball (11 stickers on one page).

The last part of the album is dedicated to the Second Bundesliga. For each of the twenty teams there are two stickers composing a team photo. The last page includes the metallic club badges of the 20 teams (half sticker each). 

A separate poster collects all the club badges of the 18 Bundesliga team. These are special metallic stickers.

Bayern Munich won the title of the season (50 points), in front of Koln (45 points) and Werder Bremen (44 points). Allofs (Koln) and Wohlfarth (B. Munich) were top scorers with 17 goals.

Three young players before they moved to the Italian Serie A: Andreas Moller (Borussia D.), Oliver Bierhoff (Hamburg) and Jurgen Klinsmann (Stuttgart)

Album details
Full name: Fussball 89
Publisher: Panini
League: German (Bundesliga and Second Division)
Season: 1988-1989
Number of teams: 18 of Bundesliga and 20 of Second Division
Stickers per team: 18 for Bundesliga and 2 for Second Division
Other sections:
      -Introduction (2 stickers)
      -Stars of tomorrow (10 stickers)
      -Stars of today (8 stickers)
      -Fairplay, fans, flags (19 stickers)
      -Autoball (8 stickers)
      -Motoball (11 stickers)
      -Second Division club badges (10 stickers)
Extra stickers: poster with 18 club badge stickers
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 450

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