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Merlin Cyclisme 96 (Cards)

Cyclisme 96 is a card collection released by Merlin in France, Belgium and Switzerland in 1996. It includes all the best cyclists of the season divided by teams. Cards can be placed in a collector, which includes also a booklet with a review of all the teams and the main races of the season.

 The cover of the collector is a booklet with information about teams and the cycling season

Cards are numbered from 1 to 234. There are 9 cards for each of the 26 teams included. Moreover, there are 9 cards with the complete checklist of the collection. Cards are printed on two sides: on the front the biker in action and on the back his details with grades about his skills in the mountains, sprint, and time trial. The best climbers of the collection are Pantani, Chiappucci and Indurain. These riders are the only ones with maximum grades in the mountains. The season 1996, however, was not very positive for them: Indurain lost the Tour de France title after five wins in a row, Pantani was recovering after a terrible accident in autumn of 1995, and Chiappucci was not competitive as the previous years. The collection is filled, however, with many successful riders. With start with the Mapei of Tony Rominger, Abraham Olano, Johan Musseuw, and Franco Ballerini. Then Jalabert (Once), Bugno and Bartoli (MG), Berzin and Gotti (Gewiss), Cipollini, Casagrande and Cassani (Saeco), Virenque and Dufaux (Festina), Zabel and Rijs (Telekom), Gilberto Simoni (AKI), and so on. 

 Mapei team
 Mapei cards; here we find a young Franck Vandenbroucke

 The ONCE of Jalaber and Zulle

Pascal Richard (Olympic Champions in 1996) leader of MG Team

Gewiss with old winner (Berzin) and future winner (Gotti) of Giro d'Italia

The Banesto team of Miguel Indurain 

In Saeco we find the great sprint Mario Cipollini and climber Casagrande

A young Lance Armstrong was the captain of Motorola

With Pantani and Chiappucci the Carrera team was super in the mountains

Virenque, Dufaux and the other Festina riders

The Telekom team with Zabel and Tour de France winner Rijs (later both admitting use of doping) 

Team Polti with Rebellin, Leblanc and sprinter Lombardi

The Dutch Team TVM

Belgian team Lotto with Andrei Tchmil

 There are nine cards with the complete checklist of the collection

Front and back of Marco Pantani's card. "Il Pirata" was a legendary climber

Always a show in the mountains with Chiappucci and Indurain 

Davide Cassani (now coach of Italy) and sprinter Cipollini (World Champion in 2002)

Lance Armstrong's card (front and back)

Collection details
Full name: Cyclisme 96
Type: Cards
Publisher: Merlin Ultimate
Year: 1996
Sport: Cycling
Teams: 26
Cards per team: 9
Extra cards: checklist (9 cards)

Total number of cards: 234 + 9 checklist cards

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