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Panini Santa Cruz - 100 anos de paixao!

Santa Cruz is a Brazilian football club founded on February 3 1914 in the city of Recife. The club has a large amount of supporters and therefore in 2014 Panini decided to release a sticker album to celebrate 100 years of history of the club. The album is called "100 years of passion" as a tribute to their torcida (supporters).
The album has a similar structure (especially in the opening pages) to other two albums dedicated to Brazilian club by Panini: Santos 100 anos and Palmeiras Centenario.
In the following we describe all the sections included in this album that goes through the history of Santa Cruz from its origin to the present days.

Presente de Centenàrio: 2 stickers (both shining)
The introduction includes the stickers of the logo and the curch of Santa Cruz, where the club was founded.

Historia dos Escudos: 8 stickers (all shining)
The evolution of the club badge includes 8 shining stickers on one page.

Table of contents: 10 stickers (6 shining)
The table of contents is extendable for a total of three pages with stickers of the club badge, mascot, uniforms, flag, stadium, team photo and president.

A fundaçao: 5 stickers (2 shining)
The origin of the football club Santa Cruz

O Clube da multidoes: 7 stickers (3 shining)

O Primeiro titulo: 12 stickers (4 shining)

A construçao do Arruda: 13 stickers (4 shining)
History of the stadium

Decada de 40: 14 stickers (5 shining)
This section describes the tragic excursion of 1943, when the club was traveling with a boat along the river Amazon and two players (King and Belem) died of typhoid fever.

A retomada dos titulos: 16 stickers (5 shining)

E' penta!: 19 stickers (12 shining)

Mostrando a cara: 16 stickers (5 shining)

the sticker of the cup Supercampeonato 1976

 Do Recife para o mundo: 12 stickers (1 shining)

The team of 1980, composed by four stickers

A coral ataca novamente: 15 stickers (2 shining)

As glorias dos anos 90: 19 stickers

Santa Cruz na veia: 15 stickers (2 shining)

Inesquecivel: 15 stickers (4 shining)

Para o alto e avante: 15 stickers (2 shining)

Paginas historicas: 14 stickers

Curiosidades do Santa: 4 stickers (1 shining)
In these two pages there are some facts about the club and the list of all the presidents since the origin of the club.

Craques eternos: 14 stickers

Torcedores ilustres: 16 stickers
These two pages of the album are thicker and include 16 caricatures of famous Santa Cruz supporters

Time dos sonhos: 12 stickers (all shining)
The last page of the album presents the dream team of the history of Santa Cruz with caricatures of the coach Evaristo de Macedo and 11 players. Among them the famous Ricardo Rocha and Rivaldo.

Album details
Full name: Santa Cruz. 100 anos de paixao!
Publisher: Panini
Year: 2014
Club: Santa Cruz (Brazil)
Sections: see description above

Total number of stickers: 273

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