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Panini Euro 2012 - Hardcover album

The official sticker album of the Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine was released by Panini. For the first time the collection includes also an hardcover version of the album, released in Germany.
The album opens with an introduction including 6 metallic stickers: the Panini factory, the Euro 2012 logo (two stickers), "Creating History Together", the mascot, and the Uefa Respect sticker.

The usual section with venues and stadiums is displaced over four pages. The first two pages show the Polish cities (Gdansk, Poznan, Warszawa and Wroclaw) and the second two the Ukranian cities (Donetsk, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv). For each location there is one sticker for the city and two for the stadium for a total of 24 stickers in this section. 

The section "Creating History Together" includes one sticker per team (total of 16 stickers) with the two mascots of the competition (Polish and Ukranian). 

The last section before the teams are shown is the calendar of the competition, which includes three stickers: the official ball and two shining stickers that compose the trophy.

The participating teams are divided in groups and each team is displaced over three pages with a total of 29 stickers. On the first page there are two shining stickers (the federation logo and the mascots of the competition with the flag of the team) and four normal stickers to compose the team photo. In the other two pages there are 16 stickers of player portraits and three stickers of the main team stars in action. 

Group A: Poland, Greece, Russia, Czech Republic
Lewandowski was not enough to make the hosting team Poland going through the group phase. Russia had the same destiny. The two qualified teams (Greece and Czech Republic) were eliminated in the quarter finals. 

Group B: Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Portugal
A tough group that saw the Dutch early out of the competition together with Denmark. Both Portugal and Germany reached the semifinals where they were defeated by Spain (at penalties) and Italy (1-2), respectively.

Group C: Spain, Italy, Ireland, Croatia
In this group we find the two finalists. Spain defeated France in the quarter finals and Portugal in the semi finals at penalties. Italy did a great tournament eliminating England and Germany, but had to surrender to Spain in the final.

Group D: Ukraine, Sweden, France, England
Also the other host of the competition, Ukraine, was eliminated in the group stage. France and England went through but were defeated in the quarter finals by Spain and Italy, respectively. 

The last part of the album is dedicated to the history of the UEFA European Football Championship. The winners of each edition since the first one in 1960 are celebrated with two stickers (three for the winners of 2008). This section includes thus 27 stickers.

Portrait and action sticker of king Zlatan

Portrait and action sticker of CR7

A detail of the hardcover album

An official update set for all teams was not released. There are  two sheets with update stickers for France (9 stickers) and Italy (6 stickers).

Update sticker sheets of France and Italy 
(source Ebay)

Album details
Full name: UEFA Euro 2012 Poland-Ukraine
Publisher: Panini
Competition: UEFA European Championship
Year: 2012
Number of teams: 16
Stickers per team: 29
Special sections: -Introduction (6 stickers)
                            -Venues and stadiums (24 stickers)
                            -Creating History Together (16 stickers)
                            -Match schedule (3 stickers)
                            -History of the championship (27 stickers)
Extra stickers: Update stickers of Italy (6 stickers) and France (9 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 540

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  1. Hello, where you get the hardcover international version??? cheers.

    1. Hello, it was sold in Germany, you can try to find it on Ebay