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Panini Foot 2010

Panini Foot 2010 is the official collection of the French league. It includes all the teams of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2. Compared to the previous edition, this collection features also a section with the best moments of the season ("Le Film du Championnat") that could be found in two separate packets during the season. Moreover, the Ligue 2 includes also stickers of the players, even if there are four players on one sticker. 
The album opens with the table of contents and the calendar of the season. Then the Ligue 1 teams are shown in alphabetical order. For each team there are 26 stickers: the club badge (shining sticker), the team photo (two stickers), the coach, two top players in action (shining stickers), and 20 players. There is also space for the update stickers of the transfer set (up to four stickers per team).

In the section "Le Film du Championnat", which comes right after Ligue 1 teams, there are 11 stickers that could be found in two packs with the magazine France Football. The first pack with five stickers after half season: the autumn champion (Bordeaux), the best scorer (Gervinho), the best player (Gervinho) and the best goalkeeper (Lloris). The second pack includes six stickers of the final sprint: the champions of Ligue 1 (Olympique Marseille), the champions of Ligue 2 (Caen), the best scorer (Niang), the best player (Gervinho) and the best goalkeeper (Lloris).

Each Ligue 2 team includes seven stickers displaced on one page: the club badge (shining sticker), the team photo (two stickers), and 4 stickers with a total of 16 players (four players per sticker).

Fantastic trio of Lille: Aubameyang, Hazard (rookie sticker), Gervinho

Ligue 2 stickers with Olivier Giroud (Tours) and Papiss Cissé (Metz)

Transfer set
The update set with the winter transfers includes 25 stickers. These stickers can be glued in the dedicate space of each team page. There is space for a maximum of four stickers per team. However, the set includes five update stickers for the team Le Mans. 

The transfer set with the list of 25 update stickers ("Arrivées)

Album details
Full name: Foot 2010
Publisher: Panini
League: French Ligue 1 and Ligue 2
Season: 2009/2010
Number of teams: 20 of Ligue 1 and 20 of Ligue 2
Stickers per team: 26 for Ligue 1
                                7 for Ligue 2
Extra section: "Le Film du Championnat" (11 stickers)
Transfer set: 25 stickers

Total number of stickers: 696

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