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Panini Foot 2009

Panini Foot 2009 is the official collection of the French Ligue 1 and Ligue 2. New feature of this edition is that the stickers of the two star players of each team are special shining stickers. 
The collection begins as usual with the table of contents and the calendar of the season. Then the 20 teams of Ligue 1 are presented in alphabetical order, from Auxerre to Valenciennes. Each team is displaced over four pages with a total of 26 stickers: the club logo (shining sticker), the team photo (two stickers), the coach, two star players (shining stickers), and 20 players. There is also space for the update stickers of the winter transfer market (up to four stickers per team).

The section with Ligue 2 teams opens with the calendar of the season. On each page there are two teams with three stickers each: the shining club badge and the team photo (two stickers). Details on the club and the list of players in the squad are also included.

Great young duo at Olympique Lyonnais: Karim Benzema and Miralem Pjanic

Promising trio: Gervinho (Le Mans), Loic Remy (Nice) and Gomis (Saint-Etienne)

Transfer set
The update set with the stickers of players transferred during the winter market includes 26 stickers. On each club page there is space to glue these stickers (up to four stickers per team).
Included in the set, there is a useful booklet with a summary table that contains all players that arrived and departed from each Ligue 1 team. For players that left the team it is possible to glue a mini-sticker "Transferé" in the album (I suggest above or below the original sticker to avoid covering it).

The table with winter transfers (in and out) for each Ligue 1 team

Album details
Full name: Foot 2009
Publisher: Panini
League: French Ligue 1 and Ligue 2
Season: 2008/2009
Number of teams: 20 for Ligue 1 and 20 for Ligue 2
Stickers per team: 26 (+updates) for Ligue 1
                              3 for Ligue 2
Special sections: No
Transfer set: 26 stickers

Total number of stickers: 606

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