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Panini Ajax 2000

Ajax 2000 is a Panini sticker album dedicated to the club of Amsterdam for the season 1999-2000. The collection includes 96 stickers on a 36 pages album. Even if it is not a large collection, the quality of the stickers is high. The stickers have a large size and there are many shining stickers in the collection. 
The album starts with a foreword and the Ajax club badge on a shining sticker. Then the team is presented with a large team photo composed by four shining stickers. The coach Jan Wouters is included with one personal sticker.

The album continues with the squad players of the season 1999/2000. The 15 main players have two pages each with description, statistics, and five stickers: player portrait, player in action (shining sticker), private life photo, and a double sticker in action.

The rest of the players is displaced over three pages and players have one portrait stickers and only some of them also a shining action sticker.

back cover of the album

In this collection we find also the rookie stickers of a young 19 years old Cristian Chivu

Album details
Full name: Ajax 2000
Publisher: Panini
Season: 1999/2000
Club: Ajax (Netherlands)
- Club badge (1 sticker)
- Team photo (4 stickers)
- Coach (1 sticker)
- Players with 5 stickers: Fred Grim, Ferdi Vierklau, John Nieuwenburg, Frank Verlaat, Jan van Halst, Aron Winter, Tim de Cler, Richard Witschge, Dani, Richard Knopper, Brian Laudrup, Wamberto, Shota Arveladze, Nikos Machlas, Jesper Gronkjaer
- Players with two stickers: Cristian Chivu, Mitchell Piqué, Martijn Reuser, Kevin Bobson
- Players with one sticker: Stanley Menzo, Ole Tobiasen, Tom Sier, Jason Culina, John O'Brien, Pius Ikedia, Tijjani Babangida

Total number of stickers: 96

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