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Panini PSV 2001

Panini PSV 2011 is a sticker album dedicated to the Dutch club of Eindhoven for the season 2000/2001. PSV is the title owner and on the cover of the album there is the forward Kezman.
The album opens with an introduction that includes a shining club badge sticker and a celebration photo puzzle composed by four stickers. Then all the players of the 2000/2001 squad are shown. The 20 main players of the team have all a double page with a total of 5 stickers: a shining action sticker, a portrait, an action photo (2 stickers), and a celebration sticker. Other four players of the team have only one sticker (player in action).
Among well-known players in this collection we can mention Marc van Bommel, Ruud van Nistelrooy, and Matija Kezman.

In the middle of the album there is a poster of a team photo. On the back of the poster there is the calendar of the season and space for six stickers (numbered with letters from A to F). These are action stickers including two gold shining stickers.

The last page of the album is dedicated to the supporters (De twaalfde man - The twelfth man). On this page there are 5 stickers: the mascot of the club (gold shining sticker) and a supporters photo composed by four stickers.

Album details
Full name: PSV 2001
Publisher: Panini
Club: PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands)
Season: 2000/2001
-Introduction (5 stickers)
-Main players (5 stickers each): Waterreus, Ooijer, Van der Weerden, Nikiforov, Hofland, Faber, Heintze, Lucius, Van Bommel, Vogel, Van der Doelen, Ramzi, John de Jong, Kolkka, Bruggink, Van Nistelrooy, Kezman, Bouma, Rommedahl, Claudio.
-Other players (1 sticker): Addo, Lodewijks, Kralj, Bogelund.
-De twaalfde man  (the twelfth man): 5 stickers
-Poster-calendar: 6 stickers (A-F)

Total number of stickers: 120

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