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Panini Brasileiro 2014 (Hardcover album)

We present here the sticker album Panini Brasileiro 2014, which includes the Brasilian Serie A and Serie B. Panini Brasileiro is a classic release, which since 2011 has also an hardcover version of the album. The 2014 edition is an elegant album with several special stickers including as usual the mascots of all teams.
Opening the album we find an introduction with the table of contents and the first two stickers: no racism logo ("Somos Iguais") and the album cover.
Before the teams are showed, there are two special sections: football stars ("Eu vim aqui so pra te ver") with 24 shining stickers of the best players of the main Brazilian teams (one player per team) and "Craques do Brasileirao" with the best players and coach of the previous season (2013) for each position on the field, for a total of 12 stickers. There is also a sticker with the Panini Brasileiro 2014 logo on the last page of the album.

Serie A teams are showed in alphabetical order with 16 stickers per team displayed over 2 pages: the logo and the mascot (both silver shining), and 14 players. Cruzeiro won the Brasileirao 2014, winning thus its second title in a row. Best scorer of the championship was Fred with 18 goals. 

Serie B teams are as usual displayed on one page. This year there are two players per sticker instead of three as in the recent albums. For each team we have 8 stickers: the club logo and the mascot (both shining), and 12 players distributed on 6 stickers. We find here new entries like Sampaio Correa, Luverdense and Santa Cruz that were in Serie C the previous season. Joinville won the 2014 league and together with Ponte Petra, Vasco da Gama and Avaì has been promoted to Serie A. America de Natal, Icasa, Vila Nova, and Portuguesa have been relegated to Serie C and thus they will not appear on next Panini Brasileiro 2015 album. Their place will be taken by Macaé, Mogi Mirim, CRB, and Paysandu (promoted from Serie C).

Rookie stickers and young prospects are often found on Panini Brasileiro albums. The following are in my opinion the best young players of the 2014 season (I accept suggestions in the comments): 
Marcos Guilherme (1995), also known as Marquinhos, has played regularly for Atletico Paranaense and also for Brazil national team at the Sudamericano Under 20, where he scored 4 goals in 9 matches. 
Matheus Doria (1994) signed for Olympique Marseille, but in January went back to Brasil (Sao Paulo).
Lucas Silva (1993) one of the best players of the winning team Cruzeiro, signed in January for Real Madrid and he played already several matches in the Liga and Champions League. 
Gabriel (1996), know as "Gabigol", scored 8 goals in Brasileiro 2014 playing regularly for Santos. He played also in the Sudamericano Under 20, with 1 goal in 7 matchers. Will he be the new Neymar?
Gabriel Boschilia (1996) played only few matches for Sao Paulo in the 2014 season (2 goals), but he had an impressive Under 17 World Cup with Brazil in 2013 (6 goals in 4 matches).
One curiosity of this album is the sticker of Ricardo Bueno, which shows a date of birth of 1997, but he is actually from 1987 (Panini mistake) and thus not the youngest player included as one may think.

Marquinhos (1995), Doria (1994) and Lucas Silva (1993, now at Real Madrid)

Gabriel Barbosa (1996, Santos) and Boschilia (1996, Sao Paulo). The sticker of Gabriel is not a "rookie sticker" because he was already included in the album last season.

Two old legends of the Italian Serie A: Amantino Mancini (ex Inter, Roma, Milan) plays now for America Mineiro) and Marcos Assunçao (ex Roma) played for Portuguesa.

Young prospects (1993 or younger) included in the album
Serie A:
Atletico Paranaense: Leo Pereira (1996), Marquinhos (1995), Nathan (1996), Otavio (1994), and Coutinho (1994)
Bahia: Parà (1995)
Botafogo: Doria (1994)
Corinthians: Luciano (1993)
Coritiba: Reginaldo (1993)
Criciuma: Bruno Lopes (1995)
Cruzeiro: Lucas SIlva (1993)
Flamengo: Samir (1994)
Goias: Liniker (1993), Rodrigo (1994), Erick (1994)
Gremio: Tiago (93), Bressan (93), Ramiro (93), Luan (93)
Palmeiras: Leandro (1993)
Santos: Alison (1993), Gabriel (1996)
Sao Paulo: Maicon (95), Rodrigo Caio (93), Boschilia (96), Ademilson (94)
Sport: Erico Junior (1993)
Vitoria: Euller (95), Mansur (93), Jose Welison (95), Willie (93)
Serie B: Victor and Leo (1994 and 1995, Atletico Goianiense), Tonhao (1993, Avaì), Graxa (1993, Bragantino), Robinho (1995, Cearà), Douglas Dias, Pedro Lucas and Fabinho (93, 94 and 93, Icasa), Flavio and Leleu (94 and 93, Nautico), Denoni (1994, Oeste), Rodrigo Mann, Julio Cesar, Lucas Parà, and Serrato (93, 94, 94, and 94, Paranà), Daniel Borges and Alef (93 and 95, Ponte Preta), Gabriel Xavier (1993, Portuguesa), Luan and Thalles (93 and 95, Vasco), Julio Cesar, Arthur, Hugo, Leonardo, and Gustavo (95, 93, 93, 96, and 96, Vila Nova).

Album details:
Full name: Campeonato Brasileiro 2014
Publisher: Panini
League: Brazilian (Serie A and Serie B)
Season: 2014
Number of teams: 20 for Serie A and 20 for Serie B
Stickers per team: 16 for Serie A teams 
                              (except Atletico Paranaense with 15 stickers)
                               8 for Serie B teams
Special sections: Introduction (2 stickers)
                            "Eu vim aqui so pra te ver" (24 stickers)
                            "Craques do Brasileirao" (12 stickers)
                            Panini Brasileiro logo (1 sticker)

Total number of stickers: 518

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