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Topps Bundesliga 2015

The official sticker collection of the German Bundesliga has been recently published by Topps, as usual since the season 2009/2010. This year, for the first time, also the Bundesliga 2 is included, with a club badge sticker and a team photo (no sticker) for all 18 teams.
The album opens with the table of contents on the left and three introductory stickers on the right (Bundesliga logo, trophy of Bundesliga 1 and Bundesliga 2). Then all the teams are showed in alphabetical order. For each team there are 15 stickers displayed over 2 pages: team photo (2 sticker), club badge (metallic sticker), and 12 players.

In the center of the album there is a page with the Fan-Favoriten: one mini sticker per team with the favourite player of the supporters, for a total of 6 stickers (3 mini players per sticker).

After the Bundesliga teams are shown, there is a section about the winners of the previous season (DFL Deutsche Fussball Liga), which includes two stickers: Bundesliga Stiftung and the SuperCup Trophy. Then the Bundesliga 2 teams appear, with three teams per page and a club badge sticker (not metallic) for each club. The last sticker of the album is about Michael Leopold (Sky).

Bundesliga teams are young with rising stars and interesting prospects. This season we have the confirmation of Max Meyer (Schalke) and Calhanoglou (Leverkusen) at the highest level. Sule, Kempf, Werner, and Arnold are growing and showing solid performances.

Two of the best young defenders in Bundesliga:
Sule (Hoffenheim) and Jedvaj (Leverkusen)

Three of the best young  offensive players in the Bundesliga: 
Timo Werner (the youngest included in the album), Max Meyer and Davie Selke

Album details:
Full name: Fussball Bundesliga 2014/2015
Publisher: Topps
Competition: Bundesliga 1 and Bundesliga 2
Season: 2014-2015
Number of teams: 18 of Bundesliga 1
                              18 of Bundesliga 2
Stickers per team: 15 for Bundesliga 1 
                                1 for Bundesliga 2
Special sections: -Introduction (3 stickers)
                            -Fan Favoriten (6 stickers)
                            -DFL Deutsche Fussball Liga (2 stickers)
                            -Sky (1 sticker)

Total number of stickers: 300

Young prospects (1994 or younger) included:

Abdul Baba (1994, Augsburg), Davie Selke (1995, Werder Bremen), Lucas Piazon (1994, Eintracht Frankfurt), Marc-Oliver Kempf (1995, Freiburg), Niklas Sule (1995, Hoffenheim), Tin Jedvaj (1995, B.Leverkusen), Hakan Calanhoglu (1994, B.Leverkusen), Max Meyer (1995, Schalke 04), Timo Werner (1996, Stuttgart), Maximilian  Arnold (1994, Wolfsburg)

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