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Panini Chile - Campeonato Petrobras - Apertura 2013-2014

The Panini album of the Chilean League for the season 2013-2014 is a renovated edition with 417 stickers of Primera Division and Primera B teams. It includes 34 shining stickers with printing in relief of the club badges, Apertura trophy and Panini logo.
The album opens with two shining stickers on the left (Apertura Trophy and Panini Logo) and the game fixture on the right. 
Universidad Catolica and O'Higgins got the first place together with 39 points at the end of the Apertura 2013/14 tournament. In order to decide the winner they played an extra match at the "Estadio Nacional Julio Martinez" of Santiago, on December 10, 2013. O'Higgins won the match (1-0) and the title with a goal of Pablo Hernandez at the minute 34.

Teams of Primera Division are showed in alphabetical order with a total of 17 stickers per team: 16 players and 1 shining club badge. The teams of Primera Division included are: Audax Italiano, Cobreloa, Cobresal, Colo Colo, D. Antofagasta, D. Iquique, Everton, Huachipato, Nublense, O'Higgins, Palestino, Rangers, Santiago Wanderers, Union Espanola, Union La Calera, Universidad Catolica, Universidad de Chile, Universidad de Concepcion.

 The rookie sticker of Dante Martinez (Union Espanola)

Nicolas Castillo (1993, Universidad Catolica) is one of the best young prospects included in this album. He scored six goals in this Apertura tournament and then he signed in January 2014 for the Belgian team Club Brugge, where he scored 2 goals in 12 matches during the rest of the season. There are great expectations on him for the next season.

Between the Primera Division and the Primera B teams there is a double page with the best eleven players of the 2013 season ("Oncena Ideal 2013"). These 11 stickers are:
-Diego Sanchez (Union Espanola), goalkeeper
-Currimilla (Union Espanola), right defender
-Julio Barroso (O'Higgins), central defender
-Ampuero (Union Espanola), central defender
-Nicolas Barroso (Union Espanola), left defender
-Diego Scotti (Union Espanola), central midfielder
-Tomas Costa (Universidad Catolica), central midfielder
-Aranguiz (Universidad Chile), offensive midfielder
-Sebastian Saez (Audax Italiano), central forward
-Isamel Sosa (Universidad Catolica), right forward
-Patricio Rubio (Union Espanola), left forward

Primera B teams are showed in alphabetical order and they have 7 stickers each: 1 shining club badge and 6 player stickers (with 3 players on each sticker for a total of 18 players per team).
Teams of Primera B are: Barnechea, Coquimbo, Curicò, Deportes Concepcion, Deportes La Serena, Deportes Copiapò, Deportes Temuco, Lota Schwager, Magallanes, Naval, San Luis, San Marcos, Santiago Morning, and San Felipe.

A seled packet Panini Petrobras 2013-2014

Album Details
Full name: Campeonato Nacional Petrobras - Apertura 2013-2014
Publisher: Panini
League: Chile Primera Division and Primera B
Number of teams: 18 Primera Division
                              14 Primera B
Stickers per team: 17 for Primera Division
                               7 for Primera B
Special Section: 2 stickers of Introduction
                          11 stickers of "Oncena Ideal 2013"

Total number of stickers: 417

Young prospects (1993 or younger)

Primera Division: Diego Valdes, Camilo Melivilù and Felipe Mora (1994, 1993 and 1993, Audax Italiano),  Claudio Baeza (1993, Colo Colo), Eric Pulgar and Luis Cabrera (both 1994, Antofagasta), Brayan Cortes (1995, Iquique), Franco Ragusa (1995, Everton), Cesar Fuentes (1993, O'Higgins), Alejandro Contreras (1993, Palestino), Andres Robles (1994, Santiago Wanderers), Mario Larenas and Dante Martinez (1993 and 1994, Union Espanola), Nicolas Castillo (1993, Universidad Catolica). 
Primera B: Felipe Mansilla, Francisco Levipan and Nicolas Silva (1994, 1993 and 1993, Barnechea), Jaime Arriagada, Maximiliano Gonzalez, Franco Bechtholdt, and Sebastian Leyton (94, 93, 93, and 93, Curicò), Matias Munoz and Juan Leiva (1994 and 1993, D. Concepcion), Giovanni Campusano, Cristobal Marin and Gary Tello (1993, 1994 and 1993, D. La Serena), Diego Gonzalez (1993, Temuco), Luis Abarzua and Jordan Duran (1993 and 1994, Lota Schwager), Eduardo Arriola, Juan Marital and Carlos Gonzalez (all 1993, Magallanes), Cris Martinez, Jean Meneses and Matias Roman (1993, 1993 and 1994, San Luis), Christopher Singer 81993, San Marcos), Daniel Silva, Claudio Galvez, Gaston Gutierrez, and Emanuel Ponce (all 1994, Santiago Morning), José Cantillana, Diego Alvarado and Ignacio Jeraldino (1993, 1993 and 1995, San Felipe).

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