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Panini Copa do Nordeste 2014 - Brazil

Panini Brazil published the first album of the Copa do Nordeste, which is a competition that includes all the best Brazilian teams of the North East regions. Sixteen teams are qualified based on their position in the regional leagues and the winner gets access to the Copa Sudamericana of the following year.
The teams are divided into four groups and the first two teams of each group are qualified to the quarter finals. This year, the final was between Sport Club do Recife and Cearà. Sport won 2-0 at home (Neto Baiano 11', Danilo 85') and equalized 1-1 in Fortaleza (Magno Alves 41' / Neto Baiano 51') on April 2, 2014, winning the Copa do Nordeste 2014.

The sixteen teams are showed in the album according to the group division:
Group A - Vitoria, America de Natal, Confiança, Sergipe
Group B - Bahia, Santa Cruz, CSA, Vitoria da Conquista
Group C - Cearà, CRB, Treze, Potiguar de Mossorò
Group D - Sport, Nautico, Guarany de Sobral, Botafogo

The album opens with an introductory page with four stickers: the Copa do Nordeste logo (double sticker), the trophy (shining) and the official ball (shining). In the following two pages, the records and the calendar of the competition are included, together with two stickers of the winners of the previous season.
Then the 16 teams are showed. For each team there are 18 stickers: the club logo (shining) the mascot+uniform sticker and 16 players.

Anderson Talisca (1994) is probably the best young prospect included in this album. He scored two goals in this Copa Do Nordeste and he plays now regularly for Bahia in the new season of Brasileirao.

 The back cover

A sealed packet of Panini Copa Do Nordeste 2014

Album details
Full name: Copa do Nordeste 2014
Publisher: Panini
League: Campeonato do Nordeste (Brazil)
Teams: 16
Stickers per team: 18
Special section: Introduction (6 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 300

Young Prospects (1993 or younger)
Josué (1994, Vitoria), Mansur (1993, Vitoria), Marcelo (1994, Vitoria), Willie (1993, Vitoria), Bruno (1993, America RN), Felipe Macena (1993, America RN), David (1995, Sergipe), Leozinho Paraìba (1993, Sergipe), Vitor Muribeca (1993, Sergipe), Pirambu (1994, Sergipe), Talisca (1994, Bahia), Rafinha (1993, Bahia), Acacio (1993, CSA), Cassiano (1993, CSA), Dionisio (1994, Vitoria da Conquista), Gabriel (1994, Vitoria da Conquista), Wellington (1993, Vitoria da Conquista), Alisson (1993, Treze), Birungueta (1993, Treze), Tessio (1993, Treze), Ronaldo (1994, Sport), Erico Junior (1993, Sport), Jeferson (1993, Nautico), Marcos Vinicius (1994, Nautico), Tulio (1995, Nautico) Joao Paulo (1995, Nautico), Renato (1993, Nautico), Ze Augusto (1993, Guarany), 

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