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Panini Brasileiro 2013 - Hardcover Deluxe Edition

The album Brasileiro 2013 was realesed by Panini in July 2013 as the official collection of the Brazilian Serie A and B. For the third year in a row there is also a limited hardcover deluxe edition of the album that we show here. The main new feature of Brasileiro 2013 is that for each Serie A player there is also a mini-sticker. In this way it is possible to decide the 11 regulars of each team with tactics and positions, placing the mini-stickers in the dedicated area of each team. For each Serie A team there are 2 stickers that contain 7 mini-sticker each, covering the 14 players of the team. 

 The "sticker 0" of the album (right corner) is the Brasileiro 2013 logo

The album begins as usual with the Brasileiro 2013 logo (sticker number zero) in the first page. Before the Serie A teams are presented, there is a double page dedicated to the best scoarer of all times for the top 24 Brazilian teams. These 24 golden shining stickers include also the total number of goals realized in the Brazilian Seria A. Among these players we can find legends like Zico (909 goals with Flamengo), Roberto Dinamite (698 goals with Vasco) and in particular Pelé (1091 goals with Santos)

Pelé sticker of Brasileiro 2013

Brasileiro 2013 includes all the 20 Serie A teams, appearing in alphabetical order: Atletico Mineiro, Atletico Paranaense, Bahia, Botafogo, Corinthians, Coritiba, Criciuma, Cruzeiro, Flamengo, Fluminense, Goias, Gremio, Internacional, Nautico, Ponte Preta, Portuguesa, Santos, Sao Paulo, Vasco, Vitoria.
For each team there are 18 stickers distributed over two pages: the club logo (shining silver), the mascotte (shining silver), 14 players portraits and 2 stickers containing the mini-stickers. In the left corner of the team pages there is an empty field where it is possible to stick the mini-stickers, choosing the 11 regulars ("Escale seus titulares"), deciding tactics and positions. Our choice of tactics and players was based on the 2013 season statistics (from the website mixed with personal preferences.
In Brasileiro 2013 we can find a mix of young prospects and old stars. We have a clear example with the first team of the album, Atletico Mineiro. Next to each other, there are the stickers of Ronaldinho and the young Bernard (born 1992), who moved to Shakhtar Donetsk after a brilliant season with Atletico Mineiro.

The old legend (Ronaldinho) and the rising star (Bernard)

Among the young prospects that played regularly during the season, we can mention several players that could have a future in Europe: Bernard (1992, Atletico Minero, just moved to Shakhtar), Madson (1992, Bahia), Talisca (1994, Bahia), Doria (1994, Botafogo), Vitinho (1993, Botafogo, just moved to CSKA Moska), Mayke (1992, Cruzeiro), Vinicius (1993, Cruzeiro), Rafinha (1993, Flamengo), Alex Telles (1992, Gremio), Bressan (1993, Gremio), Douglas Santos (1994, Nautico), Gabriel (1996, Santos), Neilton (1993, Santos), Rodrigo Caio (1993, Sao Paulo), Ademilson (1994 Sao Paulo).
In this album there are also several old stars that had already a career in Europe and are now back to Brazil: Gilberto Silva, Ronaldinho, Jo (Atletico Mineiro), Seedorf (Botafogo), Renato Augusto, Pato (Corinthians), Deco, Fred (Fluminense), Elano, Ze Roberto (Gremio), Juan, Forlan (Internacional), Marcos Assunçao (Santos), Lucio, Luis Fabiano (Sao Paulo), Juninho Pernambucano (Vasco).

Last November 13, 2013, Cruzeiro won its third Brasileiro with 11 points more than Gremio. The bottom 4 teams (Fluminense, Vasco, Ponte Preta and Nautico) were relegated in the second division.

The 11 regulars of 2013 champions Cruzeiro

Damiao and Forlan stickers of Internacional

Gabriel "Gabigol" Barbosa (born 1996) and Neilton (1993) first sticker.
Write down their name, these two Santos young stars are Neymar successors.

Each Serie B team is placed on one page with a total of 6 stickers: 1 club logo (silver shining), 1 team mascotte (silver shining) and 4 stickers of player portraits (3 per sticker for a total of 12 players). The 20 teams are: ABC, America MG, America RN, ASA, Atletico Goianense, Avai, Boa, Bragantino, Cearà, Chapecoense, Figueirense, Guarantiguetà, Icasa, Joinville, Oeste, Palmeiras, Paranà, Paysandu, Sao Caetano, Sport. 
First appearance in Brasileiro for Paysandy, Chapecoense and Oeste. Palmeiras won the 2013 Serie B title and was promoted together with Chapecoense, Sport and Figueirense to play Serie A in 2014. 

A big name in the Brazilian Serie B: Palmeiras. They include a rising star, Leandro Moura, who scored 13 goals in this season. 

One sealed packet of Panini Brasileiro 2013

The hardcover album (limited edition)

A special sticker that can be found in the packets.
It gives right to one sealed packet.

Album details
Name: Campeonato Brasileiro 2013
Publisher: Panini
League: Brazilian
Number of teams: 20 Serie A and 20 Serie B
Stickers per teams: 18 stickers for Serie A teams
                                 6 stickers for Serie B teams
Special stickers: 1 sticker Brasileiro 2013 logo
                           24 stickers "Artilheiros inspiradores"

Total number of stickers: 505

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  1. Great review, looks like great collection. Although it lacks innovation a bit in my opinion. Which one is better 2012 or 2013 ?

  2. Hi Pavle, thank you.
    It is true, the stickers of 2012 and 2013 are very similar. I think the nicest innovation of 2013 are "the best scoarers of all time" (with Pelé, Zico...) and the mini-stickers, but in 2012 I really liked the caricature stickers. So after all I think they are at the same level...

  3. Thanks Michel, I would agree. I am still waiting my Brasileiro to arrive, but I am sure I will have the similar opinion.
    Thanks again for beautiful review, it was so helpful!