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Panini Colombiano FPC 2012

Futbol Profesional Colombiano (FPC) 2012 is the 7th Panini album dedicated to the Colombian League, since the first edition dated 2005. The album starts with the table of content, the calendar of the season and then all the 18 Primera A teams are showed. For each team 18 stickers are included: 16 players, the team squad and a shining team logo sticker.The first team presented is Deportivo Calì, in which the young prospect Brayan Perea is playing. Perea (born 1993) moved to Lazio at the beginning of the 2013/14 season and he scored his first goal on October 20 against Atalanta.
The tournament is based on two championships, Apertura and Finalizacion, with identical format. Santa Fe won the Apertura, whereas Millonarios the Finalizacion.

After the premier league teams there is a section "Colecciones Panini" of two pages dedicated to the previous six Panini Fùbtol Colombiano albums. We find 12 stickers: 6 album covers and 6 winners of the corresponding seasons.

Primera B teams are also included, with one sticker per team (the team squad). The 18 teams are showed on 4 pages (pictures below).

Album Details
Full Name: Fùtbol Profesional Colombiano FPC 2012
Publisher: Panini
League: Colombia
Number of teams: 18 Primera A
                              18 Primera B
Stickers per team:  18 stickers for Primera A
                                 1 sticker for Primera B 
Special section: 12 stickers "Colecciones Panini"

Total number of stickers: 354

Panini Futbol Colombiano 2005
Now we show you a little gem. In the first Panini Colombiano edition we found some young prospects who later became famous in the Italian Serie A. They are Pablo Armero (America) and Juan Camilo Zuniga (Nacional) now at Napoli. And also Cristian Zapata (Deportivo Calì) now at AC Milan, after playing many seasons for Udinese and Villarreal.

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