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Panini Fussball 2002/2003 (Austria)

The sticker album of the Austrian Bundesliga 2002/2003 published by Panini has the same cover and layout of the album of the German Bundesliga 2003
The collection begins with the table of contents and two introductory stickers dedicated to the Bundesliga fans. Each of the ten Bundesliga clubs is displaced over four pages with a total of 27 stickers: club badge (shining), coach, stadium, team photo (two stickers), 5 players in action (shining stickers) and 17 player portraits. 

After the Bundesliga clubs, there are three special sections: Memphis Cup with two stickers of previous season winner GAK, Austrian stars playing abroad (three stickers), and two pages dedicated to Andreas Herzog with pictures of his career through Panini stickers; this last section includes five stickers of Herzog in action, out of which two shining.

Last part of the album includes the clubs of Erste Liga. For each club there are three stickers: the club badge (shining sticker) and the team photo composed by two stickers.

back cover

Shining club badges of Fussball 2002/2003

Portrait and action stickers of Mario Haas (Sturm Graz)

Album details
Full name: Bundesliga Fussball 2002-2003
Publisher: Panini
League: Austria (Bundesliga and Erste Liga)
Season: 2002/2003
Number of teams: 10 of Bundesliga and 10 of Erste Liga
Stickers per team: 27 of Bundesliga and 3 of Erste Liga
Other sections:
  • Introduction (2 stickers)
  • Memphis Cup special (2 stickers)
  • Austrian stars abroad (3 stickers)
  • Andreas Herzog career (5 stickers)
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 312

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