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Panini Este - Liga 2017

The official sticker collection of the Spanish Liga for the season 2017 was released in August 2016 and it has a format very similar to the latest editions. After the table of contents (with the possibility of sticking two commemorative stickers not part of the collection but released only with the magazine Jugon) the 20 clubs of the Liga are presented with two stickers each: the club badge (shining sticker) and the trainer. Then the clubs are shown in alphabetical order with two pages each. There is space to glue 16 players per club, but the actual number of stickers per club is larger, because some numbers have two stickers (ex. 10A and 10B). Moreover, there are update stickers ('Coloca') to be stuck on top of stickers of players that are not part of the team anymore. 

Real Madrid: Champions League winner of the season 2016-17

The new feature of this collection is the Serie Oro (Gold Series) with 16 high quality stickers of star players in action. These magnificent stickers have a signature of the player in relief and the hologram of the player portrait. 

The second division (Liga 2) is represented with a double page of club badges for a total of 11 stickers (2 badges per sticker). The last part of the album includes the new players joining the competition (Ultimos Fichajes) with a total of 64 stickers and one page dedicated to football values with 7 stickers of the character Capi.

Update stickers of the winter transfers are released separately with special pages to place them. There are in total 42 extra stickers released. 

The technique suggested by Panini to place stickers A and B on the album: only one side of the sticker (I advice the right side in this case) is glued to the album

Stickers of Griezmann (Atletico Madrid) and Oyarzabal (rising star at Real Sociedad)

Gold stickers with autograph of Messi and C.Ronaldo

Young players included (1996 or younger)
Theo (1997, Alaves), Lucas (1996, Atl.Madrid), Fabiàn, Musonda, and Dani Ceballos (all 1996, Betis), Pape Cheikh (1997, Celta), Christian Rivera (1997, Eibar), Pereira (96), Boga (97), and Ponce (97, Granada), Adrian Marin (1997, Leganes), Pablo Fornals (1996, Malaga), Olavide and Otegui (1996 and 1998, Osasuna), Oyarzabal (1997, Real Sociedad), Meré (1997, Real Sporting), Bakkali (1996, Valencia), Adrian Marin (1997, Villarreal)
Ultimos Fichajes: Nahuel and Sanabria (both 1996, Betis), Marlos Moreno (1996, Deportivo), Marco Asensio (1996, Real Madrid)
Update (Winter transfers): Aaròn (1997, Espanyol), Penaranda (1997, Malaga), Carlos Soler (1997, Valencia)

Album details
Full name: Liga 2016-17
Publisher: Colecciones Este (Panini)
Release: August 2016
League: Spanish Liga and Liga 2
Season: 2016-2017
Number of clubs: 20 of Liga and 22 of Liga 2
Stickers of this collection:
  • Club badges and trainers (40 stickers)
  • Basic set: players+A/B (367 stickers)
  • coloca stickers (51 stickers)
  • Serie Oro (16 stickers)
  • Liga 2 (11 stickers)
  • Ultimos Fichajes (64 stickers)
  • Los valores del Capi (7 stickers)

Update: Winter transfers (mini album + 42 stickers)
Extra stickers: Cromos conmemorativos and Chicles
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 556 (+ 42 update set)

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