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Panini Voetbal 94

Voetbal '94 is the official sticker collection of the Ereidivie for the season 1993/94. The album begins with an introduction of two pages, which includes the first four stickers of players in action. Among them the "revelations" Marc Overmars and Peter Hoekstra. The 18 Eredivisie clubs are then shown following the classification order of the season before, starting thus with the title owner Feyenoord. The first five clubs (Feyenoord, PSV, Ajax, Vitesse, Twente) have 15 stickers of players each. The remaining clubs include only 12 player stickers over two pages. Club badge stickers are not included.

The team photo stickers are included with 18 stickers over four pages at the end of the album. Last page of the album is about the 300 topscorers of all times, with the sticker of Wim Kieft in action.

The fantastic squad of Ajax in the season 1993/94 included players like Van der Sar, Davids, Seedorf, Blind, Rijkaard, De Boer, Overmars, and Litmanen 

The stickers of two young prospects: Michael Reizinger (future player of Milan, Ajax, and Barcelona) and Pierre van Hooijdonk (future star of Celtic, Benfica, and Feyenoord)

Album details
Full name: Voetbal '94
Publisher: Panini
League: Eredivisie (Netherlands)
Season: 1993/1994
Number of clubs: 18
Stickers per club: 15 for the first 5 clubs, 12 for the others
Other sections: 
  • Introduction (4 stickers)
  • Team photos (18 stickers)
  • 300 top scorers of all times (1 sticker)
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 254

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