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Club America (Mexico) - 100 años de grandeza

Panini issued in 2016 a celebratory album for the centenary of the Mexican football team Club America. The collection includes 191 stickers through the history and success of the club. 
The album opens with a foreword and the first sticker with the celebratory logo of 100 years of glory. Then the evolution of the club logo and the mascot are shown with 11 stickers over two pages, including a puzzle of four stickers with the present logo.

In the section Linea del tiempo, the history of the club is summarized with 10 stickers on two pages. The first years (Inicios del club) and the first four titles (Historico Tetracampeonato) are covered with two sections of 12 stickers each.

A large part of the album is taken by the 12 titles of the Mexican league (total of 61 stickers) and the 7 titles of the CONCACAF Championship (total of 22 stickers) conquered by Club America in its history.

The most relevant players of the history of Club America (Jugadores Iconicos) are represented with 18 special shining stickers. Among them, the well known Guillermo Ochoa, Claudio Lopez, and Raul Jimenez. The evolution of the club shirt (Playeras) is included with six stickers on one page. 

The majestic and legendary stadium of Club America (Estadio Azteca) is included with two large photos composed by six stickers each. The last section of the album shows the players of the 2016 season (Generacion Centenario). Here we find 25 stickers of players and one sticker with the mascot "Agui", which closes the album. 

The hardcover album Club America 

Two glorious players of Club America: Ivan Zamorano (ex Real Madrid, Inter) and Claudio Lopex (ex Lazio, Valencia)

Album details
Full name: 100 años de grandeza - Club America
Publisher: Panini
Football Club: Club America 
Country: Mexico
  • Introduction (1 sticker)
  • Escudos y Mascotas (11 stickers)
  • Linea de tiempo (10 stickers)
  • Inicios del club (12 stickers)
  • Historico tetracampeonato (12 stickers)
  • 12 campeonatos Liga MX (61 stickers)
  • 7 veces campeon de CONCACAF (22 stickers)
  • Jugadores iconicos (18 stickers)
  • Playeras (6 stickers)
  • Estadio Azteca (12 stickers)
  • Generacion centenario (26 stickers)

Total number of sticker: 191

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