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Panini Champions League 2001

In the Champions League 2000/2001, Bayern Munchen defeated the title owner Real Madrid in the semifinal and the other finalist of the previous season, Valencia, in the final after penalties. 
The official sticker collection Panini of the Champions League 2001 is very similar to the previous one (and the following), with the same grey design and very little variation in the layout. Compared to the previous edition there are 16 teams included instead of 18, but for each team the number of stickers is increased from 17 to 19, with two extra players. Also in this album there are no club badges or other special stickers, but only players and team photos. Each club is displaced over two pages with one team photo sticker and 18 player stickers.

A young Ruud van Nistelrooy (PSV) and Carles Puyol (Barcelona)

The stickers of Antonio Conte and Zinedine Zidane together at Juventus in 2001. They are now two winning managers of Chelsea and Real Madrid, respectively

Album details
Full name: UEFA Champions League 2000/2001
Publisher: Panini
Competition: UEFA Champions League
Season: 2000/2001
Number of teams included: 16
Stickers per team: 19
Other sections: No
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 304

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