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Stickito - Fortuna Liga 2017 (Slovakia)

A new player in the sticker world arrived this year. It's not Panini, Topps, or Carouzel, but the company Stickito, based in London, UK. As a first collection they released the first ever sticker album of the Slovakian league. The album is a very complete collection of the Fortuna Liga, including stickers of players, coaches, badges, team photos, and stadiums. It lacks, however, special stickers (metallic or shining) and some player details (date of birth and careers). After all, this is a successful experiment that will bring hopefully many more league sticker albums in the near future. 
The collection starts with the contents and four introductory stickers: the logos of Fortuna Liga, Slovakian football, Stickito, and an extra sticker to get access to a special prize.

The first section includes three stickers of each club: the badge and the team photo (2 stickers). The players of the 11 participating teams are then shown following the classification order of the season 2015-16, starting from the title owner AS Trencin. For each club there are 18 stickers of players displaced over two pages.

The last part of the album inlcudes players in action (with 18 stickers over two pages) and the stadiums and coaches of all teams (total of 22 stickers).

Three Dutch players of Slovan Bratislava: Ruben Ligeon (ex Ajax, NAC, Willem II, and FC Utrecht), Joeri de Kamps (ex Ajax, Heerenveen, and NAC), and Mitchell Schet (ex Feyenoord, Excelsior, RKC Waalwijk, FC Groningen, en ADO Den Haag)

Club badges of Fortuna Liga 2017 by Stickito

Stadiums with name and capacity are a wonderful feature of this album

Album details
Full name: Fortuna Liga 2016-2017
Publisher: Stickito
League: Slovakian
Season: 2016-2017
Release: March 2017
Number of teams: 11
Stickers per team: 18
Other sections:
      -Introduction (4 stickers)
      -Badges and team photos (33 stickers)
      -In Action (18 stickers)
      -Stadium and coaches (22 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 275

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