lunedì 3 ottobre 2016

Topps Major League Baseball 2015

Topps released the official sticker collection of the Major League Baseball of 2015 with an album that includes a total of 30 teams (15 of National League and 15 of American League). There is a total of 301 stickers, which are actually 286 full stickers considering that the team badges are half sticker each. 
On the first page there is an introductory sticker with the logo "Topps", then the American League teams are shown followed by the National League teams. In between there are two pages with the table of the season and the team badges (half sticker each).
Each team is on one page with a total of 9 stickers of players or 8 players and the mascot. There are 17 teams in total that have the sticker of the mascot. 
The quality of the album (paper and cover) is quite poor, as the paper is very thin. Also, the team badge stickers are too large and don't fit very well the space. 

The back cover of the album

Mascot stickers of Topps Baseball 2015

Album details
Full name: Topps Major League Baseball Sticker Collection 2015
Publisher: Topps
Sport: Baseball
League: Major League (US)
Year: 2015
Total number of teams: 30
Stickers per team: 9
Special sections: -Introduction (1 sticker)
                            -Team badges (15 stickers)

Total number of sticker: 286

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