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Supergol 2015-2016 - Israel

The album of the football league of Israel is published regularly every year by local companies (Panini owned and released this collection from 1999 to 2007). The edition 2015/2016 is published by P.M.I. and it is particularly complex to complete for several reasons. First, the collection is composed by almost 600 stickers. Second, the stickers are released in five different series (about one every month), each series including new stickers. Third, some stickers can be found only in food or other products to be purchased in supermarkets. Last but not least, there are some rare stickers; in this collection sticker number 496 was particularly difficult to find.
The collection is very rich and includes not only the first division, but also the national team and many special sections. On the minus side the album is stuffed with advertisement pages and it includes also advertisement stickers of iPhone, One Plus, and XBox One (10 silver stickers to compose a big picture for each advertisement for a total of 30 stickers).
The album opens from right to left and shows first the Israelian Premier League (Ligat Ha'al). There are 14 teams each displayed over three pages with a total of 21 stickers: the club logo, the team photo (2 shining stickers), and 18 players.

 Maccabi Tel Aviv

To celebrate the participation of Maccabi Tel Aviv in the Champions League 2015/2016 there are 18 stickers of players in action.

 Hapoel Kyriat Shmona

 Beitar Jerusalem

The captain series is composed by 14 stickers of the captains (one per club) with some shining stickers.

 Maccabi Haifa

 Hapoel Kfar Saba

The second league (Liga Leumit) is represented with 18 stickers of star players.

Then the album continues with stickers of a famous football cartoon in Israel: Super Strika. There are 49 stickers on six pages, among them 18 silver shining stickers.

The collection covers also the National team. First the Man team with 18 stickers on two pages (17 players and the coach). Then the Israel Under-21 selection with the same amount of stickers.

"Supergol action" is a section with 18 action stickers of some of the most remarkable players of the league.

The Women National Team is also included with 17 stickers of players in portrait and 18 stickers of players in action.

"Signatures" is a section with 18 silver shining stickers with signatures of the player.

"Hall of fame" includes 18 old stickers appeared in previous collections, whereas the following "All-time stars" includes 18 stickers of old Israelian stars.

The last section is "Emoji Goal", with 18 stickers of caricatures of famous International players: here we find Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Ozil, Ibrahimovic, Ribery, and many more (not always easy to recognize).

Young prospects included (1995 or younger)
Liga Ha'al: Predrag Rajkovic (1995, Maccabi Tel Aviv), Azuchuko Ugo and Eden Shamir (1995, Hapoel Kiryat Shmona), Amit Bitton (1996, Hapoel Be'er Sheva), Avishay Cohen (1995, Beitar Jerusalem), Dor Hugy (1995, Maccabi Petah Tikva), Amir Khalaila and Mohammed Badrana (1997 and 1995, Bnei Sakhnin), Ramzi Safuri, Abu Alhija (1995, Hapoel Tel Aviv), Or Elioz and Sagi Dror (1996 and 1995, Hapoel Ra'anana), Shon Weissman (1996, Hapoel Acre), Sean Goldberg, Dolev Haziza, and Yosef Raz Meir (1995, 1995, and 1996, Bnei Yehuda), Mavis Tchibota (1996, Hapoel Kfar Saba)
Liga Leumit: Michael Ohana (1995, Ashdod)

Album details
Full name: Supergol 2015-16
Publisher: P.M.I
League: Israelian League
Number of teams: 14
Stickers per team: 21
Special sections: -Advertisement (30 stickers)
                            -Maccabi Tel Aviv Champions L. (18 stickers)
                            -Captain Series (14 stickers)
                            -Liga Leumit Stars (18 stickers)
                            -Supa Strika (49 stickers)
                            -Men National Team (18 stickers)
                            -U-21 National Team (18 stickers)
                            -National Team action stickers (36 stickers)
                            -Signature stickers (18 stickers)
                            -Hall of Fame (18 stickers)
                            -All-time stars (18 stickers)
                            -Emoji Goal (18 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 576 

Useful links: Collection review (Cardzreview)
 Checklist (FCIE)

Personal Note: I would like to thank my friend Felix from Israel to help me finding all the stickers of this collection very hard to complete, but very precious!

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  1. hi dear ..

    can you post photos of bnei sakhnini team from this albim ols

  2. hi dear ..

    can you post photos of bnei sakhnini team from this albim ols