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Panini Brasileiro 2015

Panini Brasileiro continues with a 2015 edition that completes a trilogy of football: the ball (cover of Brasileiro 2013), the player (cover of Brasileiro 2014), and the supporters (cover of Brasileiro 2015). In the latest four editions (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014) also an hardcover album was issued, but surprisingly for Brasileiro 2015 there is only a softcover album available.
The album opens with a foreword, the table of contents and the first sticker: the trophy of Brasileirao 2015 (transparent foil sticker).
Serie A teams are then shown in alphabetical order, each displaced over two pages with a total of 20 stickers: four transparent stickers (club badge, mascot, home/away kit, and the club flag), and 16 players. Stickers of players include details as full name, position, place/date of birth, and for the first time also the flag of the Brazilian state of origin. Atletico Paranaense does not have a mascot sticker also this year, thus it has 19 stickers instead of 20.

Each of the Serie B teams includes 10 stickers on one page: four transparent stickers as for Serie A teams (club badge, mascot, flag and home/away kit) and six stickers with a total of 12 players (two players per sticker).

Corinthians dominated the Serie A of Brasileirao 2015 totalizing 81 points. Far behind Atletico Mineiro (second place with 69 points), Gremio (68 points), and Sao Paulo (62 points). Relegated to the second division are Avai, Vasco da Gama, Goias, and Joinville. Verdicts in Serie B are the promotion of Botafogo, Santa Cruz, Vitoria, and America-MG and the relegation to Serie C of Macae, ABC, Boa Esporte, and Mogi Mirim. These teams will be substituted next season by four teams coming up from Serie C (and thus included in the next Panini Brasileiro 2016): Vila Nova, Londrina, Tupi, and Brasil de Pelotas. 

Three rookie stickers of interesting players born in 1997: Malcom (forward, 31 appearances, 5 goals, transferred to Bordeaux), Gerson (Midfielder, 29 appearances and 1 goal, transferred to Roma), and Gabriel de Jesus (forward, 20 appearances, 4 goals for Palmeiras)

 One sealed packet Brasileiro 2015

Young prospects included (born on 1995 or younger)
Serie A: Carlos (1995, Atletico Mineiro), Leo Pereira and Marcos Guilherme (96 and 95, Atletico PR), Malcom (97, Corinthians), Dener and Clayton (both 95, Figueirense), Marlon and Gerson (95 and 97, Fluminense), Everton and Carlos Eduardo (95 and 96, Goias), Walace, Fernandinho, and Mamute (all 95, Gremio), William (95, Internacional), Gabriel de Jesus (97, Palmeiras), Jeferson (96, Ponte Petra), Caju and Gabriel Barbosa (95 and 96, Santos), Lucao and Boschilia (both 96, Sao Paulo), Neto Moura (96, Sport);
Serie B: Marcilio (95, ABC), Richarlison (97, America), Luiz Fernando (96, Atletico Goianiense), Jean, Bruno Paulista, and Romulo (all 95, Bahia), Leonardo (96), Mardley (95), and Thaciano (95, Boa), Isaac (95, Bragantino), Buiù (96, Cearà), Maxwell (95, CRB), Iago Maidana (96), Barreto (95), Douglas Moreira (96), Roger Guedes (96), Jefferson (97, Criciuma), Gustavo and Romildo Neto (95 and 97, Mogi Mirim), Thiago Martins (95, Paysandu), Edgar (96, Sampaio), Ramon and Flavio (95 and 96, Vitoria)
One mistake in the album: Lucas Santos Siqueira has a birth date of 1998, but he is actually from 1988.

Album details
Full name: Campeonato Brasileiro 2015
Publisher: Panini
League: Brazilian (Serie A and Serie B)
Season: 2015
Team included: 20 for Serie A and 20 for Serie B
Stickers per team: 20 for Serie A (except Atletico PR, 19 stickers)
                             10 for Serie B
Other stickers: the trophy of Brasileirao

Total number of stickers: 600 stickers

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