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Panini Copa Cable Magico 2009 (Peru)

Copa Cable Magico 2009 is the sticker album of the Peruvian League released by Panini. 
It includes the 16 teams of Primera Division. The album opens with the calendar of the competition, then the teams are shown with the following order: Universitario Lima, Alianza Lima, Sporting Cristal, Universidad de San Martin, Cienciano, Total Calaco, Cesar Vallejo, Alianza Atletico, Jose Galvez, Juan Aurich, CNI, Melgar, Sport Huancayo, Bolognesi, and Inti Gas. Each team is displayed over two pages and includes 17 stickers: the shirt printed on fabric material and 16 players. There are details of the club on the upper left corner of the page and details of the players are printed on the stickers.

The back cover of the album

Fabric sticker of the club José Galvez

Player stickers include details of weight, height and date of birth

Album details
Full name: Copa Cable Magico 2009
Publisher: Panini
League: Peru
Season: 2009
Number of teams: 16
Stickers per team: 17
Special sections: No

Total number of stickers: 272

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