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Panini Mexico Apertura 2014 is out!

On September 17, 2014, the new album Panini Liga Bancomer 14 has been released in Mexico. It includes all the 18 teams of Liga MX and the 14 teams of Liga Ascenso of the Apertura championship 2014. 
Album and stickers looks quite similar to the previous album (Liga Bancomer 2013/14). Graphics of player stickers and club logos is similar. A double page with the mascots of Liga MX teams is also included. Ascenso teams have only a double sticker with the team photo and the club logo.
More info on Panini Sport MX (facebook and twitter).

Album and stickers (source ebay)

Liga Ascenso teams have a double sticker with the team photo

Album details
Full name: BBVA Liga Bancomer Apertura 14
Publisher: Panini
League: Mexican Liga MX and Liga Ascenso
Number of teams: 18 Liga MX (Premier League)
                              14 Liga Ascenso
Stickers per team: 17 for Liga MX teams
                                3 for Liga Ascenso
Special sections: Introduction (Logo, ball, trophy)
                            Mascots Liga MX (18 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 369

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