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Topps Bundesliga 2010

Topps Fussball Bundesliga 2010 is the first album of the Bundesliga published by Topps, after many years of Panini editions (ended with Panini Bundesliga 2009). This album introduces signed stickers of the main players of each team. Stickers have two sizes: normal size for players and club badges and big size for special stickers (league logos, team photos, action players, stadiums, 3D stickers, and kits).
The album opens with a foreword from the Bundesliga president and the first two shining stickers: Bundesliga logo and trophy.
Then, the 18 teams are showed in alphabetical order. Each team is diplaced over 4 pages and has 21 stickers: club logo (shining), action player (big shining sticker), team photo (big size), and 18 players.

 A young Mesut Ozil playing for Werder Bremen before his transfer to Real Madrid

In the middle of the album there are three special sections: the shirts of each team (home and away kit), Topps 3D Live, and the stadiums. The shirts ("trikots") are displaced over 4 pages for a total of 18 big stickers (each sticker has one home and one away kit), Topps 3D Live are 5 big size 3D stickers, and the Stadium stickers are 18 big size stickers displaced over 4 pages with all the Bundesliga stadiums.

Winner of Bundesliga 2010 is Bayern Munchen. They featured players like Lahm, Ribery, Van Bommel, Klose, Mario Gomez, and Luca Toni.

In this album we find several young players that moved to big clubs in the following years. Among them we can mention Mesut Ozil (Werder Bremen), Jerome Boateng (Hamburg), Luiz Gustavo (Hoffenheim), Arturo Vidal (Leverkusen), Toni Kroos (Leverkusen), Dante (Borussia Monchengladbach), Marco Reus (Borussia Monchengladbach), Ivan Rakitic (Schalke), Sami Khedira (Stuttgart), Edin Dzeko (Wolfsburg).

Album details:
Full name: Fussball Bundesliga 2009/2010
Publisher: Topps
League: German Bundesliga
Number of teams: 18
Stickers per team: 21
Special sections: - 18 stickers "Trikots" (home/away kits) 
                           - 5 stickers "3D Topps"
                           - 18 stickers "Stadiums"

Total number of stickers: 421 

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