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Topps Premier League 2013

Official Sticker Collection

We present here the official sticker album of the English Premier League for the season 2012-2013, published by Topps. The style of the album is very similar to the Topps Bundesliga 2012-2013 album. When we open the album, we find on the left the contents (with all the teams included) and the first two stickers on the right page: the premier league logo and the trophy cup (both are shining stickers).

This album includes all the 20 teams of Premier League. Each team is placed on two pages and contains 16 stickers. Two of these stickers are shining: the team logo and the star player (in action). Then we have 2 stickers for the squad picture and 12 stickers of players portraits. The star player of the team has thus 2 stickers, one portrait and one in action.

We can find all the best players of the Premier League in this album. The title was won by Manchester United, where we find among the others Van Persie (star player), Rooney, Nani and Giggs. Manchester City, which finished at the second place, includes stickers of Balotelli (who moved to Milan in January), Tevez (star player, now at Juventus), Aguero and Silva.
Inside the album there are two special sections. The first is dedicated to the team kits (uniform for home and away matches) with a total of 10 stickers (two kits on each sticker) on 2 pages. Another section is the "International Stars", which includes 20 stickers (one per team) on 4 pages. Here we find international players like Podolski (Arsenal), Ivanovic (Chelsea), Touré (Manchester City), Kagawa (Manchester United), Julio Cesar (QPR)


The most wanted Tottenham player Gareth Bale has two stickers on this album: a shining action and a portrait.


The sticker of the Belgian rising star Romelu Lukaku. He plays for Chelsea but last season he was at West Bromwich on loan.

Album Details

Full Name: Topps Premier League 2013 Official Sticker Collection
Publisher: Topps 
League: English Premier League
Number of teams. 20
Stickers per team: 16
Special sections: - Premier League Logo and Trophy (2 stickers)
                           - 2012/13 Kits (10 stickers)
                           - International Stars (20 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 352

Star players (shining stickers):

Cazorla (Arsenal), Benteke (A.Villa), Hazard (Chelsea), Jelavic (Everton), Berbatov (Fulham), Suarez (Liverpool), Tevez (Manc.City), Van Persie (Manc.United), Ben Arfa (Newcastle), Holt (Norwich), Park (QPR), Pogrebnyak (Reading), Lambert (Southampton), Crouch (Stoke City), Johnson (Sunderland), Vorm (Swansea), Bale (Tottenham), Odemwingie (West Bromwich Albion), Carroll (West Ham), Al Habsi (Wigan).

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